What makes you chose your FX Broker?


The time has come where we have a genuine broker in Kenya, where the financial backing and security of funds are based of FCA UK regulation through their partner company.

Your funds are also protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) up to £50,000.

Nowadays, we could easily find the online advertisement of forex brokers.

We could consider that some of them are known as the best in the field since they also offer market analysis and keep updating market trends also work on real time basis.

Usually, they also use friendly tools and technology for the convenience of the clients. We might also find other forex brokers, but perhaps we’ll see the difference on how they manage the whole situation.

Perhaps, the other kind of forex broker does not offer such comprehensive data and analysis, or they use complicated technology. To read more click here.

Every broker will have a song and dance about what they offer their pricing and their stability. Well the one thing that never comes across even when they say they have excellent customer service is you tend to feel as if you are just another client number.

Why not call a broker that will not only know who you are but also speak your language and understand your needs better than most? This is why we at FXInsider chose FXJST – as the broker.

They are based in Nairobi, they speak your language, they are past traders so they know all there is to know about the platform, pricing and any technical details you might need.

Education on platform. As much as every broker will tell you to watch a video and all the rest, FXJST will take that a step further. Remember that they do not give advice on trading any of the instruments offered, but if you rang up and asked how do I setup a Take Profit or how does a Stop Loss work, they are happy to help.

Don’t believe us, why not try contact your current broker and see how they take you through the customer service experience.

First of all the call will cost you as it is more than likely and international call. The second thing is that if you go on the chat window, are you talking to a robot or a human being? Those are some of the things you might never know.

FXJST have an office in Nairobi, this means that you can walk right in at any time and get assisted during the week. You can even WhatsApp them on +254792745450.

Try them out, walk in, call or download their platform for free by clicking here .

Happy Trading

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