Is Forex Trading a good business.

Forex trading is a business like any other. I requires the skills know how and an edge just like every other business. You don`t just roll a dice and decide you will become an dentist or start a bakery. You need to have the know what it takes to run a bakery. The costs, risks and opportunities involved.

Forex Trading my have its lures of ease of access and how easy it is to buy and sell, but don`t let this fool you.  Forex trading should be taken seriously and given a business approach.  The odds that you will succeed in any other business are the same that you will succeed in this.

95% of all businesses are doomed to fail in the first year. 95% of all trading accounts don`t make it past the first year. See the similarity?

Trend with caution, be informed, measure your risk reward and always have a plan to grow and scale up. Employ the same metrics you would in a serious business and the result will be similar.

Happy Trading.

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