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U.S. Session Forex Recap: Another Round of Mixed U.S. Reports

Dollar price action was mixed as reports from Uncle Sam barely provided directional clues. In the United Kingdom, more polls indicated a narrowing lead for PM May’s party. Canadian economy grew 0.5% in March vs. 0.3% forecast Chicago PMI up from 58.3 to 59.4 vs.


Trade Watchlist: Trading GBP/USD’s Short-Term Downtrend

With the pound taking a breather from its losses, I took advantage of an opportunity to jump in on Cable’s downtrend. What do you think of this forex setup? If you’ve read this week’s Trading Prep post , then you’ll know that British election-related updates


What It Takes To Be A Contrarian Forex Trader

Some days most forex pairs are just going in one particular direction and it makes no sense to go against the herd. However, if you’re a fan of picking tops or bottoms and if you think that these strong trends are already exhausted, you shouldn’t


Economic Snapshot: Australia

G’day, forex mates! If you’re wondering how Australia’s overall economy has been faring lately, especially since Australia’s Q1 GDP report will be released next week and the RBA would be giving another rate decision and statement, also next week, then today’s economic snapshot is just

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Asian Session Recap: New Election Poll Drags GBP Lower

The pound took another hit during the Asian session as a new election poll hinted that Theresa May’s Conservative Party may get a few seats short of a majority in the Parliament. RBNZ: Financial system risks have been “reduced” in the last six months U.K.


System Update: SMA Crossover Pullback (May 24-31, 2017)

Bah! Not such a good week for the SMA Crossover Pullback System as the positions got stopped out by new crossovers here and there. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, make sure you look at the trading rules and risk management adjustments first. EUR/USD had


Chart Art: SMA Crossovers for EUR/USD and GBP/NZD

Can you believe we’re already into the middle of the week? Get over the mid-week hump by takin’ advantage of these short and long-term forex trade opportunities on EUR/USD and GBP/NZD! EUR/USD: 1-hour EUR/USD 1-hour Forex Chart Somebody holler at Huck because this downtrend play