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CAD: A notable laggard amid USD weakness – Westpac

CAD remains a notable laggard amid sustained USD weakness, close to unchanged vs the USD 2018 YTD vs more meaningful gains for JPY (+5.3%), NZD (+3.9%) and EUR (3.7%), explains Richard Franulovich, Research Analyst at Westpac. Key Quotes “NAFTA renegotiation risks are seemingly a factor


Gold has recovered smartly – NAB

Gold has recovered smartly, after falling to a recent low of around USD1240/oz in early December 2017, following the interest rate rise by the US Federal Reserve, explains the analysis team at NAB.  Key Quotes “US dollar weakness and doubts around alternatives (such as crytocurrencies)


RBA semi-annual testimony brought little new news – TDS

Analysts at TDS suggest that the RBA semi-annual testimony brought little new news and overall upbeat as global growth, commodity prices, labour market and business confidence are all stronger than the Bank expected. Key Quotes “Governor expecting a positive feedback loop where these forces eventually


Blame the dollar on yields – Deutsche Bank

George Saravelos, Strategist at Deutsche Bank, suggests that the market is still struggling to understand or embrace dollar weakness. Key Quotes “How can it be that US yields are rising sharply, yet the dollar is so weak at the same time? The answer is simple: