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What makes you chose your FX Broker?

  The time has come where we have a genuine broker in Kenya, where the financial backing and security of funds are based of FCA UK regulation through their partner company. Your funds are also protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) up to

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What is Fundamental Analysis?

  Fundamental Analysis Fundamental analysis is the study of the underlying forces that affect the performances of a currency pair for instance interest rates and unemployment numbers. Fundamental analysis mostly involves the study of individual countries and their economies and the study of the individual

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Mentorship – Learn From The Best

  One thing about education and learning in general is that you have to acquire it from someone who has an authority on the matter. Just like Kids go Schools and books are written to educate and inform. It is hard to form your own individual

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Trading psychology

Trading psychology refers to the aspects of a traders mental makeup that help decide whether they will be successful in buying and selling currencies for a profit. Trading psychology is as important as other attributes such as knowledge, experience and skill in determining trading success. Stages

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Trading Divergences

  Forex Divergence trading is both a concept and a trading strategy that is found in almost all markets. It is an age old concept that was developed byCharles Dow and mentioned in his Dow Tenets. Dow noticed that when the Dow Jones Industrials made

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4 Ways To Identify The Direction Of The Trend

Intro: The different market phases Before we start going over how to identify the trend, we should be first clear what we are looking for. Markets can do one of three things: go up, go down, or move sideways.     The picture above shows


EUR/USD comes to test 1.1300 post-US data

The single currency is shedding some pips following the release of US data today, prompting EUR/USD to return to the 1.1300 neighbourhood. EUR/USD gains capped near 1.1340 The pair left the area of daily highs near 1.1340 after Americans that filed in their first initial